The mission of the BC Community Impact Investment Coalition is to be a learning community for Community Impact Investment practitioners in BC and to advocate and develop Community Impact Investment programs with the Provincial Government and other BC organizations.

The BC Community Impact Investment Coalition brings together co-ops and other groups from across BC to build a movement for local ethical investing that benefits rural and urban communities.

Members are involved in raising capital in their own communities to invest in local businesses and projects that provide a financial return to their members while also creating social, economic and environmental impacts for their communities.

All of our members are trying to build sustainable and diversified local economies.  We believe in buying and investing locally for the future resilience of our communities.  We would like to repatriate some of the $5.1 Billion (2015 Stats Canada) in investments made by BC residents each year that go into stocks, shares and mutual funds outside of our province, and redirect this into local investments for community benefits.